Magic mike jacobson is an award-winning magician based in NYC.

With a client list that's a who's who of celebrities, pro-athletes, top startups, and Fortune 500 companies, Magic Mike is one of the most sought after entertainers in the country for events of all sizes. As a Magic Castle award-winner, and Forbes 30 Under 30, he's obsessed with melting minds and causing a scene. He's a magician's magician, who blends new school magic, mentalism, and comedy, with old-school charm. It’s equal parts jaw-dropping, disturbing, and mildly-infuriating. That's why people and companies across the nation trust him to create experiences their guests will never forget. And yes, the movie was totally based on his life.









From now on, whenever I’m amazed by something I’ll just go, Mike Jacobson!
— Ellen DeGeneres, Host/Comic
Come back here. I want you to perform for my mom.
— J.J. Abrams, Director
What? What! Whattttt? That was insanity.
— Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors
COME. ON. My head hurts.
— Anne Hathaway, Actress
I’m not sure what else to say besides that you are simply incredible.
— Don Cheadle, Actor


Mike first exhibited prowess as a magical prodigy when he was only 9 years old, performing shows for his parents, their friends and anyone else who would sit and watch... 

So on and so forth…enough of that. To really get to know Mike, you need to hear it from him.

So we had him interview himself. And if you happen to have any other questions about how he went to magic camp or how I cried when I messed up tricks when I was little, just let me know and I’ll tell you the whole story.


Mike, let me start by saying, you are an extremely handsome man.

Why thank you Mike- the key is to stay indoors. No outdoor activity for more than five minutes at a time.

Ahh, I see- good to know. So, how’d you get into magic?

Well, it’s funny you ask. When I was about 9, I saw a magician at camp where I grew up in LA. Day camp, not sports camp (magician + sports = bad news). After the show, he showed us all how to do a trick. It was how to pull a rope through your neck. In theory this was really cool. In practice, it was not. But to me it was. And I performed this trick for every single adult I knew- and they all acted really impressed. Were they? Definitely not. But I loved the excitement of knowing something that adults, who told me what to do every day, had no idea how to do. And I didn’t have to tell them. Take that, Mom and Dad.

So how’d you become famous?

Oh Mike- you’re too kind…I wouldn’t say I’m famous per se, but let’s just say a couple people have seen me on YouTube. Anyway, when I was 13, I became one of the youngest members ever admitted to the Junior Program at the Magic Castle- a world famous private institution dedicated to furthering the art of sleight of hand and magic. I’ve now been a member for over 15 years. Since then I’ve become a regular, performing adult member there, and at private parties and corporate events all over the world. And most recently, on the Ellen DeGeneres show! I perform mostly in New York, Los Angeles and surrounding areas, but in the past few years I’ve performed in London, Poland and Ecuador. And on a boat. Thrice.

Sure, sure, but are you any good?

I could humblebrag about my recognition, and how I've performed all over the world, but I'd rather let others do the talking; check out my YelpGigmasters, and Google reviews!

I think we’re out of time- I have to, uh, you know, wash my hair…So all in all, why should people hire you?

Because my goal is honestly to do more than just magic, but to help bring excitement to the room that gets your event talked about. Since I’m younger than most magicians, I’ve been told I bring an energy to the room that not many of the older magicians can. It’s less of magician performing for “laymen,” and more like a hilarious, jaw-dropping interaction a guest of the party . *drops mic*

Thanks Mike!

Any time Mike. Wow, well this was weird. I don’t even think my Mom read through this entire thing. Kudos. If you’re reading this you’re awesome, and let me know that you did via email for a special gift. 





He don't just want to do magic, he wants to blow minds. Let's be real, magic isn’t about making people "beliieeevvee." It's about making everyone from the gullible, to the hardcore skeptics, question everything they know about life (sorry... not sorry). He considers himself a failure if people aren’t talking about your event for days, weeks, and hopefully, years to come.



As somebody who’s been in the comedy scene for over a decade, he’s totally jaded by the trove of outdated humor and pre-canned one-liners. So while it's kind of awkward to tout his own humor, if you check his reviews, people say my comedic presentations are some of the funniest they've seen, magic aside. I mean, how else can he make up for my lack of doves?


He does it for the wows. But his goal is to not only shock and awe, but be relevant too. While he performs the classics, he also may melt a coin into an iPhone, or make a card you're thinking of appear on Facebook. In his mind, magic should be as unique as it is entertaining. So he does anything that'll give your event a few more of those Instagram-worthy, OMG moments.